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Panama Corporations, Power Grids, and the Future in Panama

Panama Corporations, Power Grids, and the Future in Panama

Oct 12, 2009

Colombia and Panama are studying a connection of their power grids. This is just a part of an eventual plan to connect power grids throughout Central America up to Guatemala and El Salvador and back down to Colombia. There has been a $1.2 million grant by the Inter American Development Bank for feasibility studies and environmental assessments for this project.

Panama Canal Expansion

Panama Canal Expansion

When completed the connecting line will stretch 381.5 miles with 170 miles in Panama and 211.5 miles in Colombia. Forty miles of this would be underwater cable. This kind of substantive, long range planning is good news for Panama Corporations. Despite the world wide recession Panama’s economy is still growing. Panama is still planning long term projects that now include a comprehensive public transport system in Panama City. With the same kind of bedrock as Manhattan, Panama City seems a good candidate for a subway system.

power grid lines panama colombia

Colombia and Panama are studying a connection of their power grids.

Along with Panama’s extensive road building campaign, the Panama Canal Expansion, and extensive port and container shipping modernization the country is upgrading and preparing for a new role in the 21st century. For Panama Corporations there is opportunity in these improvements. Panama will become increasingly more efficient and Panama will provide more and more opportunity for the smart investor. If you want to seize the opportunity and start doing business in Panama, click here. Panama’s pro business governments have done an excellent job of attracting foreign investment to the point where Panama typically has the highest level of foreign investment per capita of any Latin American country. The forward thinking corporation will take advantage of the business activity in Panama and hitch a ride on this rising star.

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